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2018 Central Taekwondo Scholarships…

This year’s scholarships at Central Taekwondo Academy were awarded to six youngsters on the National Poomsae Squad and two on the GB Taekwondo Development Programme.
The Academy have lots of students who compete regularly but the squad players are required to travel to Manchester at least once per month for national training, therefore they have an additional financial burden. Due to their positions on the national squads they have a great opportunity to succeed internationally and enjoy a long career in taekwondo. In agreement with Academy instructor Grand Master Bailey, we believe it appropriate to award this years scholarships to these students.
We are delighted to support:  Natasha Wilson (Poomsae),  Erin Shaw (Kyorugi), Neve Hogg (Kyorugi), Tegan O’May (Poomsae) Kara McLaren (Poomsae), Eilidh Burke (Poomsae), Casey Paton (Poomsae), Kai Paton (Poomsae).
Jordyn Smith, our ambassador, presented the awards to the students.  More on Jordyn soon!!