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Make a wish tonight, all the stars are out
Kiran's Trust was registered with the Scottish Charity Regulator by Kiran's family, in October 2009. Kiran had died of a brain tumor on 15th May 2008, 18 years old. Even though Kiran is no longer with us in body she will live on in spirit and mind and with love.

The fund that supports this charity was set up to help Kiran however, today and in the future we will continue to raise money so that we can use it to help young people to develop and achieve success in our chosen subjects of the Creative Arts and Taekwondo.

Please follow our efforts here and share your ideas to make this an enduring legacy in Kiran's name.

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Sometimes people come into our lives,
leave footprints all over our hearts
and we are never the same again...
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Kiran Martin
for Art and

Here we celebrate
Kiran's passions
by helping others.
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Creative Awards in Design, Music and Writing

Design was Kiran's real passion and music was in
her soul, and here is how we are applauding and
awarding others for their creativity.
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