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Executive Producers for Origins of the Laioch

Meghan Grieve has also been very busy and creative since graduating from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.  Most recently she has been working with on the new Scottish series Origins of the Laioch.  Kiran’s Trust has taken the opportunity to support this work in recognition of the young people working on the production as well as to showcase future opportunities for young people in the creative arts, especially at this time when these opportunities are reduced.

The story follows teenager Effie Dwyer, who returns from America to her home in the Highlands to find her village has been attacked by mythical creatures such as the fabled bean-nighe — a terrifying banshee from Scottish folklore. With Scots TV stars such as Holly Jack, Simon Weir and Innes Anderson, who takes on the lead role of Effie, in tow it’ll be a big hit.